Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella – Book Review

I read Wedding Night when all this Coronavirus and Stay at Home started. I was kind of listening to the news 24×7 anxious to know what was happening all around the world. Finally it got to me. I was overwhelmed by all the gloomy news. I was not able to concentrate on anything. Not on my work, not on reading or anything else for that matter. So I decided that I need a break from all this. And I wanted to have a light read for a pick me up. I knew that Sophie Kinsella would be perfect for this. Well, I was right.

Last year when I started trying out audio books, it was very difficult for me to get into it. My mind used to wander around and I would miss sentences here and there. I’m kind of obsessed with details and I cannot miss even a single sentence. But Kinsella’s books are perfect as audio books. Her books are what got me into audio books. Even now I prefer the genre rom-coms for audio books and my favorite thrillers need to be read as books itself.

Wedding Night is about Lottie and her elder sister Fliss. They both are at different points in their life. Fliss is going through a messy divorce and has a son. Lottie has a long time boyfriend and she is expecting him to propose during lunch at a fancy restaurant. But she is crushed when the big question turns out to be about a trip abroad. She breaks up with him and goes on to reconnect with an old flame whom she then marries. Fliss thinks Lottie has made a mistake and plans to derail their honeymoon. The rest of the book is about how Fliss teams up with the hotel staff and manages to make sure Lottie doesn’t consummate her marriage.

I’ve always been amazed at how well Kinsella writes. It’s not at all easy to get someone to laugh by just reading. But each and every one of her books that I’ve read till now has managed to make me laugh. They’re all such light reads and always lift my mood.

I normally listen to her books during my commute to and fro from office. Since that is no longer an option and this was an e-book, I had to read it in my house. Of course I ended up laughing out loud every now and then. I was receiving weird looks from my husband. Even though he doesn’t understand, I think he has accepted the fact that it’s normal to laugh or cry while reading a book. And he knows not to make comments or question me while I’m reading!

Kinsella has become my go to author when I need light reads or even when I’m in a reading slump. Her Shopaholic series is something that I want to read soon.

My Rating 4.5⭐/5

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