Two Dark Reigns – Book Review

Yes!! Finally!!

I’m officially starting to love this series. The first two books were only just ok for me. The novella in between started to change my opinion. And now, this book has changed it.

Mirabella and Arsinoe has finally come together. We also have a surprise in Jules. Now, Katherine is kind of the odd one out even though she is the crowned queen.

The writing has really improved in this book. And the plot too. It has managed to keep me hooked.

My goal this year was to read one book per week. I started the year with the second book and I pretty much took one week to finish it. I was in no hurry and the book wasn’t tempting enough either. But the novella and the third book was finished in the space of 4 days. It’s still slow in my standards. But faster than my intention for this year. Says a lot about how I’m enjoying the book too.

So many loose ends start to tie up in this book. At the same time, we have even more loose ends start to turn up. Now I’m eagerly looking forward to the final book.

And there’s no way I can even guess how the series is going to end. Kendare Blake has managed to keep me second guessing myself throughout this book. Just when I think I’ve figured out how the plot is going to go, something completely unexpected happens.

All in all, the series has turned out better. Normally, very few series have better sequels. It’s almost always the first book that’s the best. This is an exception.

I’m hoping this will continue in the next and final book too. Hoping to not be disappointed.

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