The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz – Book Review

It’s been more than 4 months since my last review. I haven’t gone this long without writing a review in the near past. There were just too many things happening in both personal and professional life that I really didn’t even have the time to read. In April and May, I read only one book each!! But then in June, I started missing my books so much that I picked up the Shatter Me series and completed all 8 books including the novellas in June. But I was still reluctant to write a review. I just wanted to keep reading all the chances I got. I read another book in July which wasn’t that great and then I picked up The House of Silk.

The House of Silk just blew my mind. But even then, I wasn’t that motivated to restart my writing. Then I read Lock Every Door in one day!! Another great book. Having read two great books in a row I just couldn’t resist writing a review. I mean I read some great books. How can I just move on without telling anyone else about it?? The feeling was so strong that I just opened the Word document and started typing. I normally struggle to write. Sometimes I even take 2-3 days just to write one review. But this time I know I’m going to finish this in one sitting!

For those of you who don’t know, The House of Silk is a Sherlock Holmes novel by Anthony Horowitz. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical before starting the book. I don’t know why but I was not sure whether I would like the book. How wrong I was!!

Edmund Carstairs, a fine art dealer, visits Holmes and Watson to ask for their help. A strange man in a flat cap who is a wanted criminal has followed Carstairs all the way from America. Later his house is robbed and his family threatened. What follows is a murder, a missing child, Holmes accused of murder, Holmes in jail, an unveiling of one of the biggest secrets in London – The House of Silk.

Throughout the book, I could picture Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. I even had the background music in my head! Every time Holmes made his minute observations, the whole scene was playing out in my mind as if I was literally watching the show! I enjoyed each time Holmes came up with his deductions and conclusions. They were a pleasure to read. Reading from the perspective of Watson was another delight in itself.

All the characters are so well written that if I hadn’t known earlier, I never would have guessed that the book is not written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Horowitz has captured the style and tone of the original Holmes novels perfectly. One of my favorite scenes was when Sherlock met his brother Mycroft. Their brotherly banter trying to one-up the other was a very satisfying read and brought a smile to my face.

By the novel’s conclusion, Holmes solves two seemingly separate cases. The author has skillfully integrated both the mysteries into one another. In the end, everything comes together and starts to make sense. Whenever I read a mystery, I always try to solve it before the book ends. But in this case, I literally had no time to think between all that was happening in the book. Anyway, even if I had tried, I don’t think I could have solved this one!

The book ends with the reveal of another important character, Moriarty. The Reichenbach Fall is another incident that is alluded to more than once in the book and this has really made me want to read that one soon. I will definitely be reading more Holmes novels.

Pick up the book if you love mysteries or even if you don’t!

My Rating: 5⭐.

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