goals and recaps

Towards a Better Version of Myself

I’m writing after a really really long time. When I started, my intention was to do a book review. But, somehow, as I started writing down my thoughts, it turned out to be about myself. About the changes that have come in my life in the last couple of years. So I just decided to go ahead with whatever came to my mind.

2022 in Review & Anticipating 2023

Yet another year has gone by! Sometimes we are so occupied with our lives that time ceases to have any value! We fail to realize that time is something that we will never get back. This is what 2022 has taught me. To make the best use of time given to us. I am a master in procrastination. I even love that word! But… procrastination kills dreams… it kills opportunities!! And then we wonder where the time went!

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