Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen – Book Review

At the start of 2020, one of my goals was to read more Classics this year. So when I saw Sense and Sensibility at the library, I didn’t think twice before borrowing it.

Let me start with what I liked. I think it would be great as a movie. I know there’s a movie adaptation. Haven’t seen it. The overall plot is also great. Sadly, that’s all I liked about the book.

I took ONE MONTH to read this book. So you can guess how much it appealed to me. I actually made myself finish it since I didn’t want to give up on it. The book was overdue at the library. So, towards the end, I was speed reading, skipping on sentences so that I could finish it. The sad part is that the book actually got interesting for me at the end. But I didn’t have the time to enjoy and read it by then. Maybe if I had enough time to read the last part properly, I might have liked the book more and I might have a completely different opinion.

I just couldn’t get into the language and the extremely long dialogues. By the time one sentence finished, I had forgotten what was said at the start of it. And I felt as if nothing much was happening other than the constant dinners and visits. As you all know, I need fast paced books. So for me, this book was painfully slow. I had to keep looking at how many more pages I had to get through. I was even losing my interest in reading!

It could just be me. Maybe I’m not someone who enjoys such classic books. It surely doesn’t mean the books are bad. They’re just not for me.

Having said that, I’m definitely not giving up on Classics. I know I loved Dracula. So I will be trying a few more books before making a decision. Hopefully I will find some books that are to my liking.

My Rating: 2.5⭐/5

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