Right Behind You by Lisa Gardner – Book Review

Right Behind You was the second Lisa Gardner book from the library. This book is part of the Quincy and Rainie series. With this book, I have officially read at least one book of all Gardner’s different series.

The previous 2 books were good as standalone books even though they were part of a series. But this book made me feel as if I’ve missed a chunk of Quincy and Rainie’s life. This did not take away anything from the plot. But it would have been great if I had read the earlier books in the series so that I know how Quincy and Rainie reached this point in their life.

The story revolves around Sharlah and Telly. Eight years back, Telly beats their drunken father to death to save both of their lives. They’re then moved around separate foster homes. Now Sharlah is being adopted by Quincy and Rainie. Then a call comes in about double murders at a local gas station. All evidence points to Telly pulling the trigger. Former FBI profilers Quincy and Rainie are called in by the local law enforcement to help catch the killer.

Normally in any book or movie, foster homes are shown as nightmares to children. Everyone talks about how the system is flawed. But here in this book we get to see the other side of foster homes. Both Sharlah and Telly end up with good foster parents who wants to guide and help them. Even adopt as in the case of Sharlah. This is what I loved about the book. It’s not all gloom and doom for foster care homes.

The plot was great. Again, the book kept me guessing the killer till the end. But I was kind of disappointed with who the killer turned out to be. It was someone who had no major role in the entire book. For me, a good thriller is where the killer is someone who plays a good part, if not a major role, in the plot and makes it difficult to figure out the killer until towards the end. Only then do we know the way the killer thinks and it fits in with the story.

Having said that, this is the only part in the book that disappointed me. Otherwise the book was great and kept me turning the pages.

I would definitely love to know more about Quincy and Rainie. They are former FBI profilers. From the little that I read in this book, their story sounds intriguing.

My Rating 4⭐/5.

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