Recap of 2021 & Visualizing 2022

It’s terrifying how fast time flies by! It feels like just yesterday I was writing down my goals for 2021. And here we are, already in 2022!

2021 did NOT go as I had planned. There were a lot of ups and downs but I would like to believe that the ups outweighed the downs. Even though I was not able to achieve many of the goals I had set for myself in 2021, I still accomplished several other things that I had not even planned for!

A Quick Recap

I had set a goal of reading 60 books but could complete only 47. This is the lowest number of books I’ve read in a year since starting to keep track from 2018. Even though I miss reading as I did in 2019, I also know that last year my priorities turned out to be different from what I had envisioned. Having said that, I discovered many new authors and fell in love with some of their books too! Every time I discover a new author whose books I like, I am elated. A new author means a whole new set of books added to my ever-growing list of tbr.

Another thing that I really really wanted to happen was to see my friend take the next step towards getting her book published. Even though my role is minimal in this, it was still one of my goals. And I’m proud to say that she has taken that first step.

I also wanted to restart my YouTube channel but I’ve realized that the amount of effort and time required for it is not worth the satisfaction I get from it. I would rather spend that time reading or making smaller videos just for Instagram/WhatsApp.

Professionally, 2021 has been awesome. I’ve definitely upgraded my skills and the kind of things I’ve learned in the last year is much more than what I’ve learned in the last 6 years of being in this field! I’ve also met some lovely people who are slowly turning out to be friends for life.

The other constant in my life is Toastmasters. The roles I took up were both frustrating and amazing at the same time. The relationships I’ve built with other club members are just incredible. Again, I’ve been fortunate to meet many wonderful Toastmasters.

In short, 2021 was a year of learning for me; learning new things, learning from mistakes and learning from experience.

Visualizing 2022

Moving on to my goals for this year, first is definitely the number of books to be read. I’m planning to stick to 60 books this year also. But I want to make sure that even if I don’t write an elaborate review, I will at least write mini-reviews or a one-liner on my thoughts of the book. I’m sure this will help me in being consistent on the Instagram page. And of course, to continue reading more diversely.

The next is to make sure that the future author I know reaches out to at least 100 agents/publishers.

Eating healthy did not really happen last year. But I’ve kind of started from December and want to continue this. Point to be noted is that eating healthy does not mean avoiding ice creams. Ice creams are healthy! No doubt about that!

What I love about my current field of work is that it will never become stagnant. I have to keep learning and updating myself. There is no choice other than to keep researching and learning. And I truly believe that keeping our brains active keeps us young! Once again, on the professional front, my goal is to keep learning and upgrading myself.

I’m sure Toastmasters is going to bring new challenges and opportunities. But I’ve also realized that improving myself does not mean accepting everything that comes my way. I have to choose wisely the roles that will challenge me and help to reach my goals.

And the most important goal: Prioritizing things and learning to say no. 2021 was so overwhelming mostly because I just couldn’t say no to anyone. I ended up doing too many things that were not worth my time or effort while neglecting things that were more important to me! I’ve learned that I need to prioritize the time and activities that I choose to do. This is going to be my main focus for 2022.

2022 is going to be all about accepting challenges that will help me realize my potential.

Have you set your goals yet?

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