Mean Streak by Sandra Brown – Book Review

Dr. Emory disappears on a mountain road while training for a marathon. The police suspect her husband, Jeff, who reports her missing too late. When Dr. Emory regains consciousness from an unexplained head injury, she finds herself held captive by a man who will not even say his name.

Another random pick from the library and OMG. This book is deifnitely in my top 3 for this year so far. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I am a fast reader. Even then, reading 400 pages in a day is not something I can do easily. I also tend to forget the characters and incidents in a book within a couple of days. But I’m sure I’ll be remembering this one for much longer. Having said this, there were a few places where I felt the information was incomplete. But this did not really hamper my reading experience.

My Rating: 5⭐

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