Mardistaan by Karan Arora – Book Review

Mardistaan is about a world where men are the victims of pseudo feminism. They are exploited in their personal and professional life by women. This leads to the birth of an organization called “Mardistaan” which means ‘a world full of men’. Their objective is to support these men who are oppressed and help them to stand for themselves.

This book was a very different read for me. A story told from the perspective of men. How they feel and react to the daily situations in life. A world where men are the ‘victims’ of laws favouring women and their arrogance. It’s almost a complete reversal of roles. Not something we normally read about.

Some incidents do seem too far fetched but overall a very diverse book. I got the feeling of watching a Bollywood with all the action and betrayal throughout the book.

I would suggest the readers to give the book a chance and read it with an open mind. A fast-paced book that can be read in a sitting or two.

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