I Know What I Saw by S K Sharp – Book Review

Reading after such a long break is so refreshing! Loved the book. Just what I needed. This was an impulse buy at the bookstore and worth it.

The main Nicola has a perfect memory. She remembers everything with complete clarity as if they just happened. So when her ex-husband is charged with his father’s murder that happened 35 years ago, she is confident she can help him since he was with her and she remembers everything, right? Well, think again…

A lot of the things were quite predictable in the book. Around 50 pages in, it was quite obvious that we can’t trust Nicola’s memory. Not that she doesn’t remember, but as a teenager, she misunderstood almost everything that happened. This just makes her memory more and more unreliable and I almost guessed where the book was going.

All my guesses on the side plots were spot on. But the killer was a surprise. I didn’t figure that out until the end. It is definitely worth a read but it is not going to blow your mind.

My Rating: 3⭐/5

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