Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff – Book Review

My first instinct when I started Gemina, was to see whether the format really made a difference. If you remember, I read Illuminae as an e book and it really took away the novelty of the book’s unique format. And boy, I loved Gemina much more than Illuminae. It was so satisfying to read it as a physical book. The format is brilliant!

Kady and Ezra, along with rest of the survivors from Kerenza, are heading towards the Heimdall jump station. But the station is under invasion from an elite strike team of Beitech. Hanna and Nik are forced to work together to defend their home. It’s not just the strike team that’s killing off the residents of Heimdall but alien predators too. To top it all, a malfunction in the wormhole is set to rip the space-time continuum and kill anyone and everyone near it.

Let me say this once again. I loved Gemina and it does not even compare with Illuminae. The chemistry between Nik and Hanna is spot on. It was kind of cute how their relationship developed. The death in this book really affected me compared to the one that happened in Illuminae. In Illuminae, I didn’t even care that this person had died. But here in Gemina, it tore at my heart reading about it.

Hanna’s illustrated journals are a whole different universe. It gives us a lot of information and Hanna’s perspective to things happening around her. Her journal’s pages have a gunshot hole and blood stain which keeps growing as the book progresses. I was not prepared when I found out whose blood stain it was. It was not someone I guessed at all.

The whole space-time continuum rip and parallel universes was so cool to read about. Even more awesome was the side by side narration of two characters towards the end. Of course, AIDAN was freaking awesome in this book too.

In short, I had a great time reading it. And I’m still amazed at the book’s unique format. Definitely looking forward to reading Obsidio next.

My Rating: 4.5⭐/5

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