Five Dark Fates (Three Dark Crowns) – Book Review

And that’s a wrap up for the series.

Did I like the series? Yes. Did I love them? Not really sure. I’m still on two minds about it.

First, let’s start with what I liked about Five Dark Fates.

I loved the portrayal of relationships in this book especially the sisterly affection (or the lack there of) between all 3 queens. By the end I did start sympathizing with Katherine. Her character is a bit difficult to like. I actually liked the whole concept of the series. It’s quite different from the normal YA fantasy reads where the MC discovers her powers and then starts self-doubting all the while developing her powers and then defeats the evil. There is no one MC here. Each queen has a good and bad shade to their character. And each has their flaws. The plot really does stand out from other YA fantasy books.

What did I not like?

I felt that some things were left hanging. There was no closure for me. Like the story of Oracle queen which was in the novella. I loved that story by the way. There is no mention of that anywhere else in the entire series. I expected that the true story of the Oracle queen would come out. I was a bit disappointed about that. Then I felt that some of the deaths were quite abrupt. In a well written book, when an unexpected death happens, we are taken by surprise and we feel sad about it. But here I was surprised for sure but there was no emotional aspect to it. I remember thinking, “What the hell just happened? Why did it even happen?” That’s not the right response to the death of a main character.

The main plot develops and ends well. I was left hanging with the subplots. If you can ignore that, then it’s good. If I had to evaluate based on all my YA reads, then this one is among the top.

In short, if you love fantasy reads, then you should definitely give this series a go.

My rating for the whole series is 4⭐.

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