A Life to Love by Saroj Chadha – Book Review

A Life to Love is a cute love story of Vani and Arjun who fall in love the very first time they meet. Arjun is in the army and Vani’s brother’s best friend. Even though Vani’s brother approves of their relationship, her parents do not and force her to marry someone else. But that marriage does not work out and she ends up being divorced. Arjun comes back into her life but she is not able to give herself up fully to Arjun due to guilt.

Arjun and Chaman are best friends from school and they also join the army together. Chaman’s sister Vani meets Arjun for the first time when he comes to visit. They just spend one day together and it’s love at first sight. Since the story is set in the eighties, there are no phones or emails. So, Arjun and Vani keep in touch through letters which brought back some fond memories from my childhood. I used to keep in touch with my friends through letters before the evolution of emails.

The book was a very easy read. The plot and language were quite simple. Even though there was nothing new in the plot, it was still a pleasure to read it. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

The last quarter of the book felt stretched out unnecessarily. While the rest of the book moves fast, this portion was painstakingly slow. Otherwise, it’s a good read if you love the romance genre.

My Rating: 3.5⭐/5.

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